Zachary Arnhold

Art, design, and styling have always been an outlet for Zac to show his creative side. When he’s not working on graphic design projects or teaching art to children, he enjoys spending time with family, taking photos, thrifting, and being silly with his friends. During Zac’s time at Wichita State University, he has learned many new skills and design methods that have enhanced his abilities to design and be creative. Zac is excited to take the knowledge he has acquired in school and apply it to the real world.

Design habitat: Layout
Hours of activity: Night owl
Place of origin: Andover, KS
Food/eating habits: Zac eats sushi and drinks cocktails for dinner.
Scientific name: Zachariah Arnulf


The Grow in the Garden campaign is a fundraising event to benefit homeless LGBTQ teens who are at much greater risk and facing higher levels of hardship than all other young people in the same situation. At this event, artists will donate pieces of art for auction with all funds going to Grow in the Garden.  I was inspired not only by the group of people benefiting from this campaign but also the artists who are contributing to their work. The pieces donated centered on a theme of nature, focusing on wildlife and landscapes, and using soft colors, gentle contouring lines, and space to give the depth and dimension of the pieces. Thus, to stay within that general theme, I painted the butterflies and greenery on the invitations, advertising boards, and place settings using watercolors in lighter hues of pinks, greens, and blues. The typefaces used are easy to read and, at the same time, frame the event so the focus is not lost. I also incorporated a difference of scale to add emphasis to the event name but also tried to space the copy to make it more easily readable.