Tyne Allaman

Tyne is an outgoing mammal who loves to watch movies throughout the day and night. The easiest place to spot this mammal is at a concert or traveling to his next destination. Research shows that he can often be observed searching for a local brewery or coffee shop in every city he goes to. If he is walking anywhere and finds a fellow animal, he will probably stop and try to pet it.

Design habitat: Branding
Hours of activity: Early bird
Place of origin: Sharon Springs, KS
Food/eating habits: Tyne loves eating pizza, Chinese, or any sort of meat.
Scientific name: Tenuis Canescens

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Forbidden is a brewing company that submerges into rock culture. Throughout history, rock culture has been deemed satanic and rebellious, among many other things. I wanted to incorporate my design with rock culture and the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Originally in the biblical story of Adam and Eve, they are lead into the temptation to take a bite out of an apple given by Satan. However, in this plot twist, Satan presents a beer hop to them instead of an apple. The beers listed on tap play on Dante’s Inferno 7 Rings of Hell. The illustrations depicted on the handles show one character going through each ring of Hell.