Tyler Hahn

Tyler is a quiet being until you get to know him, then he talks way more than he should. He enjoys playing video games with his friends until the morning. He loves traveling but has no money to do so. When he goes to a zoo or aquarium, the first place he goes to is the otters if they have them. His diet often consists of cheez-its, but only the original, which he enjoys a little more than he should.

Design habitat: Illustration
Hours of activity: Afternoon eagle
Place of origin: Goddard, KS
Food/eating habits: Tyler loves to eat fish, chicken, and carbs
Scientific name: Aquaticus Simplex

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This Tarot card calendar is a modern take on the classic tarot card readings. Using vectors, the creatures made are both cute, but also have an eerie look. They guide the reader through a journey of change through the current year. Starting with “The Fool”, which is a blank slate, the reader reads the description of each card every month to get a “motivational” nudge towards steps that will help them find the change within that they seek. A new card is to be drawn every month displaying the arcana for that month, any lucky days depending on their astrological sign, and a brief description of the arcana and what the reader must learn about themselves.