Sofia Burnett

Sofia is a proud hippie who loves Jesus and her family! Her passions include natural living and positive thinking. She flourishes in environments where she is camping, road-tripping, and learning about health and nutrition. Her desire is to use her designs to connect people with each other and to make connections between herself and the people she looks up to.

Design habitat: Advertising
Hours of activity: Seasonal stork. Adapts to various sleep patterns based on season of life.
Place of origin: Wichita, KS.
Food/eating habits: Sofia is a vegan, who loves sushi and chocolate.
Scientific name: Sophos Agrestis

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The 10 Steps App is my concept of an app that would aid in the United States naturalization process. People planning on becoming American citizens could download this app to access necessary forms, practice for the naturalization exam, and watch English videos to learn the language for the interview. My approach for the design of this project was to utilize red, white, and blue in a non-traditional way. I muted the red and blue and used white sparingly, using an off-white for the background to give the app a more historical, welcoming feel. The focus of this app is completing the ten steps required for naturalization, so the progress bar is always visible when the app is open.