Selena Favela

Selena is a photographer who is always trying to learn and grow in her craft. She enjoys spending as much time outside soaking up the sun as possible. Baking, yoga, and walking trails with her boyfriend and their dog are some of her favorite activities. Selena always tries to keep a positive outlook on life to help keep her motivated.

Design habitat: Layout
Hours of activity: Daytime Dove
Place of origin: Wichita, KS
Food/eating habits: Selena lives on sugary foods.
Scientific name: Aves Dulcis Aurantius

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For this project, I did branding for myself. I made a list of ideas and concepts to begin with. I explored some logos that use leaves/plant-like elements because I consider myself down to earth. As I tried these variations, I had the idea to do an S with lines stemming from it rather than leaves. I liked this idea because it started to show movement and energy; it reminded me of sparks. I kept modifying this concept and wanted it to have a thicker weight to it, this led to the logo I settled on. I chose to move forward with a red-orange. Oranges are typically seen as vibrant and energetic which matched my brand standards. I decided on green as a secondary color as a calm balance to compliment the red-orange. The final logo has movement and is lively, as well as having a thicker body and line weight so that it may easily be scaled down without readability issues