Rhian Cunningham

Rhian is a curious and creative creature. She enjoys fictional worlds, so she is often reading, watching shows and movies, or playing games. She is very interested in sustainability and finding creative ways she can reuse, repair, and upcycle things. Her ideal environment is at home on a rainy day with the windows open.

Design habitat: Layout
Hours of activity: Night owl
Place of origin: Wichita, KS
Food/eating habits: Rhian will at least try just about anything.
Scientific name: Pluviæ Somnia

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Tamed Fox Cafe is a cafe that is inspired by French culture and the book, The Little Prince. Tamed Fox would be a place where people could come and hang out with their friends, do homework, or create something new. It would have a very warm, calm, and welcoming environment, which is why I used a soft orange and a darker teal. The expression on the fox’s face also appears very relaxed. I also designed some other branded elements that would be used by Tamed Fox Cafe that would reinforce their aesthetic and feeling, even when you aren’t in the physical cafe.