Nicklaus Lawrence

Nicklaus is a branding and web design animal. He takes new challenges head-on and does not stop until he finds the perfect solution to the problem he is faced with. He enjoys trying out new places to eat and drink around Wichita or anywhere that he travels. While he loves the Wichita design scene, he eventually plans to migrate to the beach with his future wife and where he can work as a freelancer doing branding and web design.

Design habitat: Web Design
Hours of activity: Night owl
Place of origin: Wichita, Kansas
Food/eating habits: Nick thrives on Taco Bell.
Scientific name: Lorem Ipsum

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ShiftSpace is an off-campus student gallery located inside of Groover Labs in the downtown Wichita area. Its name originated during its time as a roaming gallery. Today it showcases student exhibitions along with real-world learning opportunities and collaborations with local artists.

For this project, I took on the challenge of giving ShiftSpace a whole new rebrand while still being cohesive with the Wichita State University Branding. Their main concern with this project was developing a logo that spoke the name “ShiftSapce” while staying simple and elegant.

In the second part of this project, I had to create a poster shell for future Shiftspace exhibits. It needed to be user-friendly and easily changeable for those who don’t fully understand the adobe products.
For the logo part of this project, I focused on the word “Shifting”. As I went through the sketching of the logo I began to notice the same pattern of a forward slash. The new logo is a great identification piece that can last throughout time.

I created the posters to capture the attention of the viewer with the artwork inside of the logo. The natural motion of the logo would then lead the viewer’s eye to the exhibit name, artist’s name, date, location, and description of the event.