Mary Beckmeyer

Mary is a dependable creature who enjoys becoming better at both her work and hobbies. In her free time, she thrives in an outdoor environment. She is most active in the fall season. She can often be found watercolor lettering or painting. She is an intuitive thinker and observant of the small positive aspects of life.

Design habitat: Branding
Hours of activity: Afternoon eagle and evening albatross
Place of origin: Lincoln, Kansas
Food/eating habits: Mary enjoys eating club sandwiches, sushi, and Panera
Scientific name: autumnus philus

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I created branding and packaging design for a conceptual company called Firey Fruit. It would sell candles, spices, tea, and fruit potpourri. The candles would be made with scents of fruits, with natural ingredients, and be made in glass jars. The brand would be inviting, simple, and natural.