Madeline Deabler

Madeline compliments her dark sense of humor with a passion for art, music and film. When she finds something she loves, she immerses herself in it completely. Although she enjoys web design and illustration, she will argue to the bitter end that print isn’t dead. She is always ready and willing to learn new things and apply her work ethic, attention to detail, and unique creative perspective to any project.

Design habitat: Illustration
Hours of activity: Sleepless seagull
Place of origin: The indegionous wilderness of Omaha, Nebraska
Food/eating habits: Madeline likes to eat sushi, ramen and assorted junk foods.
Scientific name: Madelittacus Deabious

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For a typography exploration project, my partners and I were assigned Comic Sans, which seemed like the worst possible typeface to design around, but it actually turned out to be one of my favorite projects. Though it is primarily considered to be the joke of typefaces, I believe Comic Sans is commonly misunderstood. In my research, I found out how the typeface was initially designed for child-oriented computer applications. It’s the misuse of the typeface that earns it a rap for being goofy and ugly. When we realized that using Comic Sans as is would detract from our company’s professional identity, we decided to refine the typeface by straightening out its imperfect lines. However, we still wanted to preserve the fun, playful nature of the typeface, so we made icons out of the original typeface to help illustrate that feel. To do this, we broke up different letters of the typeface and reconstructed them into icons. I was in charge of designing the posters for the movie theater and used these icons to help develop full-size posters. My partners, Sofia Barnett and Cathy Le, were in charge of packaging, menu design, and exterior and interior design. This project has taught me to love Comic Sans. Even with its imperfect lines and off-center letters, it can still be made into something beautiful.