Katelynn Sears

Katelynn is a dedicated creature who strives to always be loyal. She is constantly pushing herself to learn and grow as an individual. She enjoys life and the time she spends with her son and husband. Katelynn is thankful for the amazing life they have created together, and she can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Design habitat: Branding
Hours of activity: Early bird & night owl
Place of origin: Hugoton, KS
Food/eating habits: Katelynn loves eating steak, chocolate, and pizza.
Scientific name: Ops Maritima

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Sweet Jane is a sweets food line created with the idea of blending stevia and cannabis together to either be added into the customers’ own creations or being created by the Sweet Jane’s Edibles Company to give the customer easy, hassle-free treats. The style behind the brand was inspired by a vintage feeling and old Italian style packaging. By using a limited color palette, monoline design, and bold serifs, the style of this edibles line is targeted more towards a higher-end customer than the traditional grunge style of cannabis edibles.