Kanissorn Nimcharoenwan

Kanissorn prefers to stay home and relax rather than going outside, but he doesn’t mind going outside to do physical activities like sports, such as running or cycling. He usually divides his day into 3 sections: work, exercise, and his own time. Kanissorn loves drinking tea and has collections of tea leaves for different occasions and feelings. His favorite things to collect are water bottles and fountain pens, as they always catch his attention.

Design habitat: UX/UI
Hours of activity: Early Bird
Place of origin: Bangkok, Thailand
Food/eating habits: Kanissorn enjoys eating everything, especially meat.
Scientific name: Haplo Vernum

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Muscle Build is a weight lifting tutorial UX/UI design for a smartphone application targeting people who are interested in starting to lift, or weight lifters who are interested in keeping up their progress and learning new exercises. My main focus of the application is usability, simplicity of navigation, and the flow of the application of UI to fit the audience’s lifestyle.