Jamie Staggs

Jamie is a graphic design animal who enjoys working with vector design and creating print material. She hopes to one-day design books but is also interested in all sorts of other types of graphic design along the way. Her favorite part of the design process is moving ideas from sketchbook to program and making all the tweaks and iterations of a design that leads to a good final product. Jamie enjoys being a mammal of varied specialties, and can often be observed playing trumpet, writing, swimming, and rowing.

Design habitat: Layout
Hours of activity: Sleepless seagull
Place of origin: Buhler, KS
Food/eating habits: Jamie scarfs down hot bread with fervor.
Scientific name: Digitatus Chartam Jermis

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These stamps are based on research into the different types of carnivorous plants. The four main kinds- Pitfall, Snap, Bladder, and Flypaper- are represented by one plant from each category and assigned a color, pattern, and style of display to suit their natural colors and environment. Items designed for this project include the stamps themselves, a sixteen sheet, collector’s sheets, first day of issue stamp, postcards, envelopes, a collector’s book, and a website. It was challenging to find a unifying style with the organic shapes and content, as well as working with the small final size of the stamps; but, it was a good kind of challenge.