Hana Issa

Hana is a graphic design student at Wichita State University with a passion for all things art and design. She has wanted to be an artist for as long as she can remember. Aside from graphic design, she can also be observed cooking and hosting parties/events for others. Her dream is to be able to migrate to different places around the world and create with people from various backgrounds.

Design habitat: Layout
Hours of activity: Night owl
Place of origin: Middle East
Food/eating habits: Hana eats cold pizza for Breakfast.
Scientific name: Helioana Indicus

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An App to help Millennials learn how to cook. Basically is a concept app design that helps millennials or anyone who’s just starting to learn the basics of cooking. Basically has a how-to section in the app where the user is able to learn things such as knife skills, baking basics, and just everyday basics as well.