Grace Armenta

Aside from being an ambitious leader on campus, Grace is pursuing a graphic design major with a marketing minor while partaking in an internship to establish her future goals. She works hard and goes after what she wants which sets an important example for her daughter. Grace enjoys decorating her home with unique finds from second-hand stores and any type of art from other starving artists. Her dream is to one day build and design her own house that fulfills all of the needs of her and her family.

Design habitat: Advertising
Hours of activity: Night Owl
Place of origin: Kansas City, Kansas
Food/eating habits: Grace drinks fruit smoothies any time of the day.
Scientific name: Gracilis Hybridus


These are branding projects that have been used in recruiting events, letters, and informational external and internal communications for faculty and families at The Independent School. I served as a marketing and communications intern for them during Spring 2020.