Cristobal Valle Dorado

Cristobal is a curious creature that has too many hobbies to count. Something about designing and sketching for hours just feels right to Cristobal. He enjoys listening to good music and making good things happen. His favorite pastimes to sink time into are video games and admiring cars. Creating good cuisine is also a passion of his, as a guy has to eat. Cristobal makes it a priority to end the day ready to start the next.

Design habitat: Illustration
Hours of activity: Early Bird
Place of origin: Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico
Food/eating habits: Cristobal will eat all the eggs and bacon you have.
Scientific name: Ferrum Virum


Desmadre is a chocolate enthusiast’s dream. It’s for people looking for something a little different than their normal bar of chocolate. Featuring spices from around the world, take a bite and taste the heat if you dare. From China, India, and Mexico, Desmadre features some of the hottest cuisine countries in the world dipping their roots into a chocolate bar full of heat.