Catherine Le

Catherine is usually a shy animal, but when it comes to business, she steps out of her comfort zone and gets the work done that needs to be done. When she sets her mind on a goal she doesn’t stop until it’s accomplished, even if it means she has to learn a lot along the way. Catherine loves shooting video, so outside of school she is either travelling to shoot concerts or weddings, or she is cooped up in her room editing.

Design habitat: Web Design
Hours of activity: Night Owl
Place of origin: Wichita, KS
Food/eating habits: Catherine loves eating asian food and any kind of meat, especially steak.
Scientific name: Pulchellus Asiatica

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A brand identity was created for the In the Moment Fundraiser put on by Freedom from Fear. This non-profit organization is a mental health advocacy and their mission is to positively impact the lives of all those affected by anxiety, depression, and related disorders through advocacy, education, research, and community support.

In the Moment is not only an effort to educate attendees about anxiety and depression, but aims to reach out to those affected by it. Attendees are encouraged to experience the fundraiser with family and friends at a closed off section of the Museum of Modern Art. Installations and events are set up to educate and take the attendee’s mind off their problems for a night. Upon arrival, attendees are given disposable cameras to capture all of the memories they create at the event. Before leaving, the cameras are dropped off at a designated location, sent off for development and eventually delivered to the attendees after some time.

The color yellow is known to symbolize happiness and the simple use of the yellow dot resembles a moment in time. When there is so much noise, chaos, and uncertainty that can cause a person to experience anxiety or depression, everyone has a happy memory that they can recall. During times of distress, people are always reaching out for the memory of a happy and peaceful moment when everything felt right. The elements of the hand and the yellow dot resemble this idea and when attendees receive their photos, those are hopefully the feelings and memories that come to mind.