Briley Stuchlik

Briley gets a massive amount of joy from seeing incredible designs all around her and sharing it with others. She loves waking up in the morning and finding tons of inspiration on her Instagram. It’s a big part of her day. When Briley isn’t designing she absolutely loves going to concerts, spinning the “classics” on her record player, baking, and spending quality time with her boyfriend and their close friends. Her dream is to one day have the ability to incorporate her passion for music related to design into her career.

Design habitat: Web Design
Hours of activity: Night Owl
Place of origin: Rose Hill, Kansas
Food/eating habits: Briley survives on iced coffee, and is one of those people who puts ranch on everything.
Scientific name: Dulcis Cordatus


For this project, I came up with branding for a company named Go With The Dough. Go With The Dough is a garlic bread company that includes various compliments to traditional garlic bread, as well as options for people with dietary restrictions. I was inspired by the amazing Louise Fili and wanted to channel her into my packaging.