Adriana De La O

After 3 years of being in the Engineering major, Adriana decided to migrate to Fine Arts to pursue her passion of becoming a graphic designer. She is a lover of all things creative and craftsmanship. She can often be found doing beauty and FX makeup on herself and others as well. Adriana is on the border of being introverted/extroverted but tries to push herself out of her comfort zone as much as possible. She is a dog mom and loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Design habitat: Web Design
Hours of activity: Evening/Night owl
Place of origin: Ulysses, KS
Food/eating habits: Adriana enjoys pepperoni pizza and pickles.
Scientific name: Adhirachta Delonix

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Conchas Mexican Cafe is a conceptual coffee shop and bakery based on authentic Mexican beverages and pastries. This coffee shop targets anyone who enjoys coffee, college students and young professionals who could host meetings or study at the location, or anyone who would like to experience a portion of Mexican culture, beverages, and pastries. Mexican pastries and breads usually have organic and light-toned colors. I used a variety of muted and light tones which gives a fun, warm, and inviting presence, which is similar to Mexican culture. The icons were a main part of the branding and packaging materials. They show the different pastries, beverages, and ingredients that are used at the coffee shop. The concept for the main logo was to present an authentic and aged feel while still being relevant.